Moi 2 May 2007


The Urban Pixie is an Alchemical Anthropologist and Divine Artist. Thriving in life post breast cancer, she’s ready to wake up the world. She spreads love and light by walking her talk (most of the time). With a side o’ sass, the Urban Pixie serves up inspiration for living an authentic, enthused and excited existence in our modern time.

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14 Responses to “Moi”

  1. jackie Says:


    You are da bomb! I love this website, and there is so much here! It would take a long, long time for me to read everything, but I’ve read a lot this evening and I really love it.

    Good luck, and keep on keeping on!

    With all my best wishes,


  2. elaineobrien Says:

    Dirty Bird!
    Thanks for sharing your darling self via the data waves. Oh so guess what? I’m closing on a condo in Amherst. If all goes smoothly I’ll have my own wee place in this bucolic world of Western Mass in a month or so. I’m getting some amazing help from first time homebuyers and low income assistance grants to help this bleeding heart human service worker self I love being. I’m also getting funding for grad school at U-Mass! (not another Univ of Washington/Seattle situation for me thank you… though I hope to visit the beautiful Emerald city again someday soon.)
    So yeah I’ve been working on a lot of manifesting myself and the Universe is a good friend. Sometimes I wonder, when will the shit hit the fan? Can all this be happening? I believe it can. It is. And there’s way more to come. I hope we talk soon lady, but at any rate congrats on all your accomplishments and being yourself and your internet self as well.
    take care babe.

  3. urbanpixie Says:

    Ladies & Gentlemen, the proof is in the people puddin’!

    I am SO proud of you, lady, & so grateful for your brand spankin’ new Noho life! I knew you could do it all along!! I can’t wait to raise a glass over the pool table & toast you in your town.

  4. urbanpixie Says:

    Thanks for the well wishes, Jackie. Good luck cleaning out your closet! Let us French Roast to the coming summer season soon.

    I’m so happy you’re my movie (& so-much-more) buddy!


    P.S. got that white hat yet?

  5. booblady Says:

    I love your Pixie Dust! I’m now officially subscribed to your blog!! All the breast, the BL.

  6. bertis1964 Says:

    My My My.
    No credit given for the butterfly photo on the breastule.
    Well, I’m not going to let that spoil the beautiful karma whirling about me from that glorious day and the chance to get to know the UrbanPixie a bit better.
    I don’t know what was more beautiful, the unseasonable mild July day or the fact that I can find such wonderful people to share it with.
    Blessings abound!

  7. r@d@r Says:

    do i know you from a past life? [i’m only sort of kidding]

  8. r@d@r Says:

    it may have involved swordfighting…..

  9. enreal Says:

    Intellectual humor…I really like your site…must…explore…more…

  10. seeing Says:

    Nice blog! and I LOVE the name Urban Pixie. Keep spreading the dust….

  11. Alberto Says:

    thank you for your comment. I really feel like you about sitting.I was putting some pics from the Space on my site.

  12. cordieb Says:

    Great blog UP. Keep your light shining. I’m adding you to my blog roll for a dose of urban pixie uplifting every so often.

  13. Abdur Rahman Says:

    Peace Urban Pixie,

    Interesting blog! Insha Allah, I’ll be stopping by again.

    Abdur Rahman

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