I’ve Moved! 12 August 2008

Please come see the Pixie Posts here now:


With love, light & laughter,



Mony, Baby! 9 July 2008

Your Pixie is pleased to report that I strolled & sold my first Urban Pic, Mony Piece:

And here I am, aglow in its presence:

(Kamau Ware, 2008)

Thanks to the organizers of the Below 220th Exhibit and the Uptown Arts Stroll for making them a smashing success. Full of gratitude, I appreciate the support of my many Earth Angels who showed up when I needed them; I couldn’t have done it without each and every gift I got. As John Randolph Price puts it so very well,

“I know there is nothing that I could truly desire that is not at this very moment standing at the door of my consciousness, ready to appear in my life and affairs. I have only to be conscious of this Truth and every need is met, every problem solved, every question answered. My consciousness with God within is all I will ever need…”

And so it is!


Artistic Debut 27 June 2008

In preparation for Saturday & Sunday’s Uptown Arts Stroll, I sorted out an official artistic statement:

Please head to the Heights this weekend to check out the scene “in this piece” (as Stevie Wonder would say). From the sneak peek I got last night, it’s getting hot up here!

My photo Mony Piece appears:

Saturday, 06/28/08
“Below 220” Exhibit & Sale
6:00-8:00pm Reception
Original paintings, photos, prints, jewelry, fabric arts, crafts, all
by people living below 220th Street priced below $220.
The Lounge at Hudson View Gardens, Pinehurst Ave. and W. 183rd St.
Info: 212-923-7800 x1226

& I’ll be showing more stuff on Saturday from 1:00-6:00 p.m. here:

Art in Bennett Park, Bennett Park, Ft. Washington Ave. at W. 183rd St.
Visual and performing arts. Featuring the band Spuyten Duyvil, performing at 3pm: alt folk, roots, traditional and acoustic music. Spuyten Duyvil is Mark Miller (bouzouki/8 string tenor guitar/ vocals); Beth Miller (vocals); Tom Socol (guitar/ dobro); Sarah Banks (fiddle); and Steve Horowitz (bass).

& last but not least, a few Urban Pix to entice you:

Happy Weekend & here’s to art in the heart of us all!

p.s. Thanks to Kamau for the cool shot & the advice I got when I needed it most. And to VRC, your engineering saved the day & I couldn’t have done it without you!


Walking This Way 25 June 2008

As I learn the hard way to walk the small steps, here’s my Divine Covenant that maps where I want to go:

I’ve got to “make it work” in time for my art exhibit on Saturday so am channeling Tim Gunn tonight. Send me good photographic vibes, please, & here’s to getting better all the time.


I Am So Blessed 19 June 2008

Despite some early a.m. dental work, today turned out to be a big winner. Here’s why:

  1. Two Pixie-perfect pairs of summer shoes on clearance, Clarence, between the dentist’s office & mine. Oh how I heart NY!
  2. The talented, motivated & bright-shining peeps I work away the day with on W. 30th. They don’t make ’em much better than that!
  3. The happy accidents I got when my dinner plans changed: The best chicken Tikka Masala I’ve had in ages & the company to go with it (see #2 above)
  4. The magic A train that came the second I reached the platform. You rock my world.
  5. The Jersey Boys soundtrack – today, yesterday & tomorrow. It never gets old to me!

So, dear reader, as they say at Fred Meyer, “What’s on your list today?”


My Chopra Center 17 June 2008

Thanks to my dear Boob Lady, I remember this truth tonight:

“Evolution cannot be stopped; spiritual growth is assured.
Action is always noticed by God; nothing goes unheeded.
There is no reliable guide to behavior outside your own heart and mind.
Reality changes at different stages of growth.
At some level everyone knows the highest truth.
Everyone is doing the best they can from their own level of consciousness.
Suffering is temporary, enlightenment is forever.” – Deepak Chopra

May you find it helpful too!

Urban Pix 16 June 2008

As part of the Uptown Arts Stroll, I’ll be showing some Pixie pics here. Hope you can make it to the Heights to see me. It’s worth the trip, I assure you. We won Tony Awards after all!

Saturday, 06/28/08
1:00-6:00 p.m.
“Below 220″Exhibit & Sale
6:00-8:00 p.m. Reception
Original paintings, photos, prints, jewelry, fabric arts, crafts, all by people living below 220th Street, priced below $220.
The Lounge at Hudson View Gardens, Pinehurst Ave. and W. 183rd St.
Info: 212-923-7800 x1226.

Lots of love and light to you!